BC1036 is a programme intended to develop theobromine capsules for the treatment of cough. Theobromine is an alkaloid which is naturally present in cocoa beans, kola nuts and guarana berries and is also a metabolite of caffeine. It has been used in a variety of therapy areas in the past and is being regarded as a promising non-narcotic / non-opioid candidate for the suppression of Common Cough.

Theobromine’s potential to treat cough was first observed by a group of Hungarian scientists in the late 90’s, and confirmed in further experiments at Imperial College London in 2004. Later, a clinical programme was conducted in South Korea which led to a new drug application and a marketing authorisation for cough in this geography, in 2009. The South Korean development continued with further clinical assessments and with a post marketing safety study in over 3,400 patients.

Building on this, infirst plans to complete a European development programme for Theobromine in the treatment of post-viral cough. This will include further clinical studies to support approval of the product in Europe. If approved this would be one of the very few clinically evidenced new medicines for the treatment of post-viral cough which would be available across all EU member states.

100 mph - It is estimated that people can expel a cough at up to 100 mph
100 mph

It is estimated that people can expel a cough at up to 100 mph